Tweepi Hair Removal Wand

Hair Removal with a Twist - Just Bend It & Twist It!

Say no to bad skin reactions from hair removal creams. No to the pain of waxing. A no no to shaving. And no to expensive laser treatments. Introducing the Tweepi Hair Removal Wand. This fast, effective and affordable hair removal wand offers a ïdo it yourselfÍ option, to remove all those unwanted facial hairs. It is portable, and requires no batteries. This totally manual device is so easy to use, it can leave you with a hairless face in under 30 seconds! ItÍs so simple, you just bend it, and twist it. WhatÍs even better is, with continually use, hair will grow back thinner and less course, meaning less noticeable hair and less hair removal. The wand can be used on all skin types, even sensitive skin. To make the process as painless as possible the Tweepi Hair Removal Wand comes with a cool gel pack to numb the areas you wish to treat before use, and soothe them after.

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